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Our Team - 2021/2022


Emily Sherwood

Second Year Global Health Rep

Emily graduated from the University of Toronto with a major in Mental Health and a double minor in International Development Studies and History in 2018. She hopes to pursue a career as an Emergency Department or Trauma nurse after completing her degree.


Jennifer Torres Velasquez

First Year Global Health Rep

Upon completing my Bachelor of Medical Sciences at Brock University, I decided to pursue a career in nursing. Nursing school has taught me the importance of advocating, educating, providing care, and supporting our patients as nurses. As I continue on this journey, I have decided to go into each clinical placement with an open mind to discover what area of nursing I am most passionate about pursuing.

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Jessica Kushla

Second Year Global Health Rep

Jessica graduated from Queen's University in 2019 with a major in life science and a minor in history. Upon graduating from the UofT Bloomberg School of Nursing, she hopes to work in pediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Children. She loves to travel and is passionate about global health equity and addressing social determinants of health.


Anisha Amirthan

First Year Global Health Rep

Hi friends! My name is Anisha and I’m one of your First Year Global Health Representatives! A little about me: I have two dogs (Lilo and Kaia), I did my undergrad in Kinesiology at Western University and I’m super excited to explore different areas of nursing! Currently L&D and Travel Nursing really interest me.

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